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Our Staff

CASP is an equal opportunity employer. We employ qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, income, or special needs. The CASP staff includes the Director, Program Coordinator, Nutrition Coordinator, Program Aides and work study students from Ithaca College and Cornell University (when available). The Director is responsible for the overall administration of the program and supervision of the staff. The Program Coordinator is responsible for planning and preparing daily activities, clubs, specials guests, full days and managing social media accounts. The Nutrition Coordinator is responsible for planning and preparing snacks and serves a dual role as a Program Aide. The Program Aides facilitate day to day activities, crafts and play time. Their responsibilities also include engaging with children and keeping them safe.

Nancy Helms, Director
Sarah Mahool, Program Coordinator
Shirley Card, Nutrition Coordinator & Program Aide
Kalleigh Johnson, Program Aide
Jenn Griffin, Program Aide
Ruby McCutcheon, Program Aide
Crystal Michael-Allen, Program Aide
Holly Hammons, Program Aide
Hannah Tanas, Program Aide
Billy Hentenaar, Program Aide
Emily Long, Program Aide