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Daily Activities

CASP offers fun and unique activities as part of our daily schedule

Homework Club...

CASP offers a “Homework Club” from 2:15 to 2:50 Monday through Friday where your child can spend time quietly working on their homework or reading with adult assistance. Homework Club takes place during the first part of CASP, allowing time for your child to participate in all other CASP activities.

3rd Grade Club and 4th & 5th Grade Club...

3rd Grade Club and 4th & 5th grade club is a special time for our older CASP students to play board games and cards, do special projects (engineering, science, building, cooking, etc.), plan parties, build with LEGOS, read, draw, and so much more!


CASP provides a variety of nutritious snacks including fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. Non-fat milk and water are also served.

Sample Daily Schedule

1:45 PM

Staff arrives. Any announcements for staff are made and staff sets up for arrival of children.


Children arrive. Attendance is taken, and staff interact with children.


Free Play!! Children have the option of going outside or to the gym. Outdoor weather conditions will dictate whether children can go outside.


Children who participate in or wish to attend homework club will go at this time. Children who are not in HW club go outside by 2:30.


Clean up! Everyone participates in clean up if we are inside, or everyone comes back inside from outside, and sits quietly awaiting announcements and snack.


Snack and daily announcements take place, letting children know what they can do for the rest of the day. Children will go in small groups to wash their hands before snack.


Children go to their choice of activities. Two projects are offered in the cafeteria, large motor games are offered in the gym, games and activities in the music room, and quiet reading/homework time in the library.


Clean up begins. Projects end and the gym changes from a structured activity to free choice.


Library & Music Room closes and the assigned counselor reports with children to the cafeteria.


Parent/guardians arrive to pick up children.